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The Scuba Club

Established 1972

Chip Elliott

Chip grew up in America’s Heartland of Kansas & Missouri and even learned how to scuba dive there. Yes even in the landlocked part of the USA there is still scuba training and diving. If you ever have some spare time to kill ask him about his dives in rock quarries of the midwest. He received a Business Administration degree from Wichita State University and continued his education to become a PADI Instructor. He knew Scuba education would always be in his future. Chip finally realized that there was warm clear water to be under on an almost daily basis in Florida, so he moved to West Palm Beach. Chip celebrated his 27th wedding anniversary in August of 2019 with his animal loving wife Kathy.

Chip was the first pro shop manager at The Scuba Club back in 1979 when we had two 6 pack boats with outboard engines & everyone had long hair. That was a long time ago. He left The Scuba Club full time in 1982 to take another full time “real” job with the government. Well guess what…he retired from his government gig in 2012 and worked full time at the SC until this past summer when he once again "retired" to Keystone Heights, FL. (We don't know where that is either!)

Chip’s hobbies include jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, riding horses, and of course spending time underwater. We all love to dive but Chip may be a little more addicted than the rest of us. Most of our USCG Captains and dive masters have all taken instruction from Chip at some point in time. We are so excited to have Chip back even though it's on a part time basis that we can’t contain ourselves! Welcome home Chip!!