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USB Smart Infrared Device


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Infrared Dive Data Transfer Made Easy

This handy accessory provides an Infrared connectivity solution for PCs that are not equipped with built-in infrared ports. It enables the transfer of your dive data from dive computer to SmartTRAK/LogTRAK. Simply plug it into a USB port for quick and easy downloading.

Provides data transfer capability for:

  • Aladin One, Aladin Sport, Aladin Prime, Aladin TEC, Aladin TEC 2G, Aladin 2G, Aladin TEC 3G.
  • Galileo SOL, Galileo TERRA, Galileo LUNA.
  • Smart Pro, Smart COM, Smart TEC, Smart Z.

Systems Compatibility:

  • Windows platforms (98, 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7). Drivers supplied with device.
  • Windows 8. Drivers can be download from SCUBAPRO website.
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 10:

    1. Please ensure all previous versions of the Windows driver have been uninstalled.

    2. Please ensure that at least version 1607 of Window 10 is installed on your PC.

    3. Connect your IRDA device to your PC, the driver is automatically retrieved & installed by Windows 10 when the device is used for the first time.