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Scubapro HRM Belt

Heart rate is arguably the most important indicator of a body's operational efficiency. SCUBAPRO has made it possible to use this vital data to improve the quality of your diving.

It used to be that time, depth and nitrogen loading were the building blocks of a dive computer's algorithm. Then SCUBAPRO inserted respiration into the equation. Now, by including heart rate data, SCUBAPRO has made it possible for you to get an even more precise calculation of your on-gassing and off-gassing, thereby creating a more personalized decompression calculation.

In addition, having your heart rate displayed on the computer screen allows you to monitor yourself as you're diving, enabling you to react to over-exertion or heightened stress in a timely manner.

This is ground-breaking technology and a monumental leap forward for the sport of diving, and it's only available on SCUBAPRO dive computers.

SCUBAPRO's HEART RATE MONITOR uses a lightweight waterproof ECG (electrocardiogram) transmitter built into an elastic belt that straps around the chest, directly against the skin. This belt wirelessly transmits your heart rate data to your SCUBAPRO personal dive computer.

The ECG transmitter also provides a patented skin temperature measurement. Both skin temperature data and heart rate data are factored into your decompression algorithm, making diving safer and more enjoyable.

Technical Information

  • Easy to use, just strap it on and enjoy the benefits of biometrics.
  • Compatible with SCUBAPRO's Galileo Sol, Galileo Luna, M2, Mantis 1 and Mantis 1 Black advanced dive computers.