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The Scuba Club

Established 1972

 Private Charters During COVID

Our goal at The Scuba Club is to make great diving accessible to everyone; especially as we social distance. For that reason, we have lowered our private charter rates to make it easy for anyone to reserve the boat with the same great crew.

Reserving a private charter allows you to:

Pick the date and time that works best for you . Want to beat the other dive boats to the wrecks to take pictures of goliath groupers with just you and a dive guide? With your schedule and our knowledge and expertise, we will find the right time to get you those great shots.

Pick your favorite dive site! When you book a private charter, we will take you to the dive site of your choosing. If you need help making that decision, we will give you great options based on the conditions that day.

Bring your friends and family. On a private charter you can bring up to 5 people (6 people total including you) and it includes tanks and rental gear for you and your guests. This is such a cool way to celebrate a birthday or accomplishment or have a fun family dive all to yourselves.

Get out of the house and have fun during COVID. We take every precaution to make sure you are safe in the water and on the boat. A private charter allows you to get out there and enjoy the beauty of our amazing reefs and wildlife, while staying socially distanced and safe.


Private Charter Single-Tank Dive: $650
Private Charter Two-Tank Dive: $1100