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Wayne Shoemake


Wayne's plan back in 1986 was to work at the Scuba Club for about 2 years and then go back to the Architecture gig. Funny how plans change! After over 25 years working full time at The Scuba Club he is still at it and loves every minute. If it had not been for The Scuba Club he would have never met the Woman of his dreams! He and Margaret have been happily married for over 13 years, how does she put up with him?

Wayne grew up in Hattiesburg, MS and was certified as a NASDS Open Water Diver in the late 1960's. He wanted to be a Marine Biologist/Diver but received some bum advice. He was told that if you did something that you loved for work then you would eventually not want to do it any more (that advice was just not true). So the thought was maybe get a degree in Architecture from Auburn University and then go underwater on the weekends. After graduation he moved to Atlanta to practice Architecture. Six years later he figured out that Atlanta was not on or near the water, kind of put a hole in that diving on the weekend idea. The next logical step was to move to West Palm Beach and practice a little Architecture while diving on the weekends. Now we are starting to make sense. The problem was diving on the weekends was not enough. Next comes the great idea to take 2 years off and work at the Club. As stated earlier 2 years turned in to over 25, but what a 25 it has been. Last year after the Goliath Grouper spawn on the Mizpah, Wayne stated that "it was the best year diving in his last quarter century". If it is still that much fun then something is going right.

Other than diving Wayne's interest centers around photography. Wayne and Margaret's vacations all involve some sort of photography and Margaret has become a fantastic videographer (she has placed in several video competitions), check out her website MargaretShoemake.com. Wayne's photos can be viewed on the Scuba Club website under the daily dive report at times. If you would like to see more of his photos please check out his website WShoemake.com. His photos encompass not just the underwater world but also many exotic locations like the Everglades, Alaska, Kenya and Botswana, Africa. Wayne never knew how much he wanted to visit Africa until Margaret made him go. She has created a Monster now! Wayne's other interest involve cooking Margaret dinner and raising the most beautiful Australian Shepherds in the world. Never hesitate to ask Wayne any question regarding diving or photography on land or underwater. But be prepared he can talk diving and photography for hours.