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The Scuba Club

Established 1972

Suzie Duff

Willis and Wade (the Scuba Club dogs) love all of the attention from our divers and staff but their heads snap at the sound of Suzie’s voice and so does JD’s. Can you blame them? Suzie was the SC “ray of sunshine” back when she was full time and as part time she still is! Suzie has become quite the accomplished underwater photographer, and you can see some of her photos on the daily dive page of our website.

Suzie grew up in Maryland and moved to Florida just out of high school. She graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University in only 4 years with a degree in Psychology and then went back for her Masters, WOW. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor; everyone needs one of these on staff! If you ask her what her major accomplishment is she will tell you walking down the isle with JD and getting him into the cruising lifestyle. And maybe second would be talking JD into a second dog. Willis their first dog was about three when the second addition arrived. Wade their new Golden Retriever is well… just cute, cute, cute. And that is about all you can say. The boys are best friends and Willis is happy to show Wade the ropes and how much he can get away with. Suzie loves taking her boys on her paddle board and you can see them off the dock on the weekends. Her hobbies include underwater photography, traveling the world with JD, cuddling with her puppies and diving as much as possible. If you see the dogs running with a big smile on their faces Suzie must be in the area.