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Dive'N Roll Bag


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Keep it simple, make it easy. Two rules to live by when hauling dive gear. They're also the first things that come to mind when you see the DIVE 'N ROLL.

What you first notice is the huge main compartment that's protected by a virtually indestructible hard-shell case. This is where your dive gear goes. Once filled, the lid closes with corrosion-resistant, double-pull coil zippers, unveiling additional packing space for stashing clothes and other soft goods.

On top of the main compartment the DIVE 'N ROLL provides a zip-on/zip-off removable backpack. Here is the perfect place to pack your most valuable gear that you're going to want to keep close to you during your journey.

The idea is, when you're heading for the airport you keep the two parts of the system together; that way, you have a single piece of luggage that rolls easily on roller-blade-style wheels and offers one-hand control with a retractable pull handle. When you reach the baggage counter you check the big hard case, unzip the backpack and carry that onto the plane with you. Once you get to your destination, zip the two bags together and you're ready to roll again. Couldn't be easier.


Technical Information

  • Two-in-one design concept -- one rigid case plus one removable soft bag -- equals a hassle-free gear transport system.
  • Non-rigid portion of the exterior is made from a combination of 420D Nylon NT, 450D Rip-stop and 600D Polyester/PU for strength and durability.
  • The large main compartment is protected by rigid sides and bottom, creating a gear carrier that's virtually indestructible.
  • Coil double-slider zippers are durable and make accessing the large main compartment that much easier.
  • Additional packing space in the main compartment's soft lid is ideal for stashing clothes and other soft goods.
  • Detachable backpack enables you to keep your most valuable gear with you throughout your journey.
  • Two rubber covered handles plus a telescopic tow handle and reinforced saltwater-resistant wheels offer a bevy of lifting, carrying and rolling options.

Dimensions: 28.3x18.1x17.3in/72x46x44. Weight: 17.2lbs/7800g. Volume: 38.6gal/146L.