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Kerry Sam Jacobs


Once upon a time in the suburbs of Chicago, a little girl was born so long ago that Eisenhower was President. Her birth certificate read ‘Kerry’ with no middle name. She changed all that when she was three years old—‘Sam’ was added and became the only name she would answer to.

When she was a Girl Scout, Sam decided that the only badge she was really interested in was ‘Photography’. Her first assignment happened on a family vacation to Mount Vernon, Virginia. She delighted in taking photos of the graves of George & Martha Washington…and an obsession was born.

Fast forward several years and Sam matriculates to Palm Beach Atlantic College. During her Freshman year, a WPB Police Officer tried to arrest her for participating in a jock raid at the men’s dorm---and 3 months later they were engaged. In the years since, Sam got her degree in Business Administration, married Donald, gave birth to Terry and Daniel, got a tattoo, and has worked tirelessly (ha) at her desk at The Scuba Club.

When she’s not slaving away in the office, she dreams of taking photos of gravestones and featuring them in photo books. She’s photographed 36 out of the 37 dead presidents, countless movie stars, everyday war heroes, and people with extraordinary tombstones. Every holiday includes a visit to someone’s grave (or she doesn’t go).